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Start The Year Off Strong With An HVAC Repair

January is a great time to get house maintenance done, including an HVAC repair, to make sure your home is ready to keep you comfortable all year long. Although HVAC systems are complex, it’s extremely easy to spot signs that something in your HVAC system is wrong and requires expert repair services.

Signs You Need An HVAC Repair

Humidity in Home

With spring and summer just around the corner, that feeling of sticky, humid air comes with them. This is something you should never experience in your home. Humidity in the home signals something is wrong with your HVAC system. Without proper maintenance, it can damage furniture or weaken walls if not fixed quickly. 

Strange Noises & Smells

When functioning properly, you shouldn’t be able to notice the HVAC system in your home. Strange noises and smells are a telltale sign that repairs are needed. Grinding and rattling noises from the system signal loose parts or other severe damage. While odd smells often signal mold buildup or burnt wires. 

Water Leaks

HVAC systems are dry machines, so water leakage suggests something needs to be repaired ASAP! When water leaks from the system, you run the risk of mildew or mold buildup in the leakage area. Mildew and mold buildup can cause major health problems for those around the area. So, it’s important to get water leaks checked out as soon as they are spotted. 

Rapid Electric Bill Increase

It’s normal for your electric bill to increase or decrease by a few dollars on a monthly basis based on usage and your family’s needs. Drastic increases, however, signify that something is wrong that’s causing your HVAC to work in overdrive mode.

Absence of Cool Air

The purpose of HVAC systems are to keep you warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. As we approach the blistering summer months, is your system is experiencing low airflow, only blowing warm air or not cooling down? Call in for maintenance so that you can stay cool all season long. 

Ice on Outdoor Unit  

HVAC systems should keep you cool but not this cold! Ice is evidence that something in your system isn’t right. When the ice eventually melts, it’ll become water, and water can damage your system and home. Call in help to properly dispose of and fix the issue before it turns into a bigger problem. 

Unit Keeps Shutting Down

If your HVAC unit keeps shutting on and off randomly throughout the day, this is one of the most obvious (and frustrating) signs that something inside the system isn’t running as it should be.

We know how complex HVAC repairs can be, but we’ve got you covered. Contact us as soon as any of these problems arise, so that you can feel certain knowing your HVAC system will be back to properly functioning in no time! 

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