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Changing Thermostat Temperature

Setting a thermostat in your space can present a lot of questions. Should my base temperature alter throughout the seasons? What about time – is it necessary to change between day and night? Is it better to keep your thermostat at one temperature consistently or fluctuate based on the weather outside?

Let’s talk thermo-stats! One of the most expensive and commonplace utilities is modified air, whether in the depth of the coldest days in winter or unbearable heat of summer – thus imperative to make cost, energy, and value conscious decisions.

Should my base temperature alter throughout the seasons?

Yes! Set your thermostat higher in the summer but lower during the winter, to mimic changing weather conditions. This will limit the work strain on your A/C unit and keep costs down. However, mind the gap between that differentiation – keep degrees as close to one another as possible. Seek alternatives that allow proper air circulation as well. Implementing habits such as opening up doors and windows during the warmer months and choosing to layer up in the cooler ones can save exponentially. Ceiling and box fans are great tools for accessing additional air without placing unnecessary stress on your unit.

Is it necessary to change between day and night time?

Maybe? Generally speaking – the closer you match up indoor stats to outdoor temperature the more effortlessly your system will run. The answer isn’t always turning on and off your unit. A good rule of thumb is to keep it running as close to outdoor temps as comfort allows.

Is it better to keep your thermostat at one temperature consistently or fluctuate based on what is happening outside?

Small changes are the best solution. 72 degrees is typical for most American homeowners. You’d be surprised to know this is too low based on expert recommendations. Standard savings can result from lowering your thermostat between seven to ten degrees annually. This has the potential to save consumers 10 percent of their regular utility expenses. So, change slowly – one degree at a time so as to not overwhelm the system. By making air conditioners work harder to regulate temperature, it actually in turn shortens the life expectancy of your machine. Without forcing extreme changes, long term investment increases. It may seem tedious, but homeowners are likely to see major results from instilling this habit.

Small changes and steady improvements can make a big impact. Don’t be stranded this summer! Manuel & Sons is there whether your system is in tip top shape or needs some attention, our team is only a call away. We service new unit installation, routine cleaning and maintenance, or diagnostics and repair. Check out our full list of services.

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